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Teaching and Learning Goals


1.     Effective Teaching Behaviors to Improve Instruction

A.      District focus on literacy and numeracy in teaching and learning

B.      Utilization of blended learning strategies

C.      Support opportunities for collaboration and sharing of teaching strategies among teachers and administrators

D.     Provide district assessments and resources to support teaching and learning

E.      Utilization of classroom, school, district and state data to drive instruction

F.       Conduct CIA meetings

G.     District Learning Walks to observe for effective teaching and learning

H.     Feedback provided to principal and administrative staff from observations


2.     Professional Development to Improve the Quality of Instruction


A.      Create and conduct a professional development manual

B.      Train staff in the use of assessment data to diagnose student strengths and weaknesses

C.      Expect data-driven teaching decisions to increase student learning

D.     Exercise teacher/staff collaboration on data and instruction

E.      Assess annual input from staff relative to their professional development needs


3.     Increase Student Achievement at All Grade Levels


A.      An intense focus on reading and math in the early grades

B.      Pacing guides must be aligned in core content areas relative to instruction and assessment (It is a living document)

C.      Emphasize quality instruction

D.     Intervene early with students not meeting standards (Response to Intervention)

E.      Use diagnostic instruments to assess student weaknesses on high-stakes tests

F.       Utilize online learning opportunities in all grades, when appropriate

G.     Teachers with work vigorously with students who have not met standard(s)

H.     After-school tutoring for high school students (9-12) in the core content areas

I.        Before, during and after school tutoring for K-8 students available upon request.


4.     Effective Communications to Staff, Parents, and the Community


A.      Encourage parental involvement in the schools and their child’s education

B.      Keep parents informed of school requirements, third-grade retention,  graduation requirements and assistance available to students

C.      Office hours for teachers are available to assist with conferences for parents

D.     School and district newsletters, parent-portal website available to enhance communications


5.     Technology Support and Service for Students and Staff


A.      Work to increase student access to technology/Students are one to one

B.      Follow “District’s Technology Plan” to assist in technology decisions, instruction, and support

C.      Provide staff training for updating and managing all district technology



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