Message from Zam Fredrick, 9 Time State Champion Basketball Coach
The goal of the Athletics Department is to teach our students the skills, techniques, and values they need to become a successful student athlete.  We value teamwork, respect, safety, and discpline and work diligently to protect those values. We strongly believe and advise our students that academics is a key component of success. Being a Saint is more than just a uniform and a name.  It takes hard work, confidence, discipline, loyalty, being a team player, excelling in academics, and most of all respect for yourself, your fellow teammates, and the sport. Not everyone can handle the requirements of being a Saint. Come see us in won't be disappointed.
~ Zambolist "Zam" Fredrick I  | Bio

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Students in 7th and 8th grade are given the opportunity to play the following sports: football, basketball, and cheerleading. Click here for more information about the B-Team.
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