Welcome back to another school year.  We are anxiously awaiting your arrival and very excited to meet you and your children.  We have planned all summer for another successful year.  Our teachers have been involved in course work and other professional development to be even more prepared to teach this year.  We have created this link to our web page solely for parents.  It has specific information relative to each school as well as tips for student success.  I ask that you take some time to become familiar with each attachment.  Have an excellent school year.    

~Dr. S. A. Wilson,  Superintendent


        Date has passed

       Aug. 3rd 8:30am-5pm

       Aug. 5th Pre K-4th Grade 1pm-6pm
       Aug. 6th 5th-8th Grade   1pm-6pm

  • Make sure your child gets plenty of rest the night before the first day of school
  • Provide a study environment conducive to learning at home. Establish a regular homework time and have a quiet place for the child to study;
  • Talk every day about the progress he/she is making in each class. When your child knows that you think school is important, he or she will take it more seriously;
  • Discuss with your child how learning in school helps in everyday life;
  • Notice when your child completes homework and provide encouragement;
  • Teach your child to set goals;
  • Have a dictionary available for your child to look up new or unfamiliar words;
  • Read together at least once a week;
  • Be realistic in your expectations;
  • Make every effort to be actively involved in the child’s education and school
  • Recognize the teacher as an important partner in your child’s education and future