Goals for Curriclumn and Instruction

Our goal is to:
· Implement a Pre-Kindergarten curriculum.
· Continue the Common Core State Standards in grades K-2.
· Continue working with K-2 Curriculum Teams.
· Introduce the Common Core State Standards to grade 3-12.
· Implement curriculum teams for grades 3-12.
· Continue the district-wide assessment program for grades K-12.
· Create a district-wide staff development plan.
· Continue Learning Walk-throughs with fidelity.
· Provide district assessments that are congruent with what is written and taught.
· Utilize test results to make curriculum decisions based on the data.
· Provide data, feedback, guidance and support to teachers regarding their instructional practice and assessment to improve learning for children.
Create an in-depth curriculum for K-2 based on the Common Core State Standards.
· Work with the community to provide enrichment opportunities to all our students.
· Work with the principals and teachers to provide professional development opportunities that enhance the pedagogical skills of all our faculty members.
· Develop a plan using school principals or designees, district administration, parents, and community members to increase parental involvement in the schools and district activities. (Title I, Title II, Title III)
· Comply with mandates of State and Federal grants.
· Work with the district to implement and update strategic plans for 2012-2013.