Why Work in Calhoun County School District?
  • Small School District
  • High Community Involvement
  • Close student-faculty relationships
  • 100% Highly Qualified teachers and instructional assistants
  • District scored an Absolute rating of Excellent and Improvement rating of Good on the South Carolina report card
  • The high school has a graduation rate higher than the State and National rates
  • The high school had the highest State ACT scores in the region. District ranks 16 of 86 schools in South Carolina in the Absolute Index
  • District was recognized by the state's Oversight Commission as 1 of 5 districts to overcome the poverty index and score Good on the Report Card
  • US News rated Calhoun County High School as one of the top in the nation
In addition to requiring that all teachers of core academic subjects be highly qualified, NCLB requires that states and school systems ensure that low-wealth, minority, learning disabled and/or English language learners are taught by experienced and highly qualified teachers to the same extent as are students who do not fall into these categories. To this end, LEAs are expected to have a plan to ensure the equitable distribution of teachers.
A. A description and analysis of the distribution of teachers in the LEA. Any inequities should be clearly identified.
Currently, 100% of teachers in core content areas as defined by No Child Left Behind are highly qualified. Teachers are distributed throughout the district such that low wealth, minority, learning disabled, and English language learners are just as likely to be taught by experienced, highly qualified teachers as students who are not in those categories. Currently, there are no inequities in teacher distribution. Calhoun County Public Schools has a low turn over rate.
B. Strategies to be implemented that address the inequities/needs as identified in the description of teacher distribution above. For each strategy, provide evidence for the probable success of the strategy.
Strategy 1
Calhoun County Public Schools (LEA) will reimburse for Praxis II testing for non-HQ teachers to become HQ.
Evidence:0% of teachers requested funding for Praxis II to become highly qualified
Strategy 2
Calhoun County Public Schools (LEA) will offer tuition reimbursement for non-Highly qualified teachers to become HQ
Evidence: 8 teachers requested funding reimbursement
Strategy 3
Offer financial assistance to an individual teacher or cohort of teachers participating in National Board Certification or Renewal.
Evidence:See Title VI Plan
C. A description of how the LEA will evaluate the impact of the strategies. The LEA’s personnel director and staff will maintain documentation on each strategy. Annually, the LEA personnel director and staff along with the Title II director will review data collected and weigh the effectiveness of each strategy. If necessary, the Equity Plan will be modified by deleting the unsuccessful strategies and replacing them with strategies intended to prove more effective. The Title II director will use the data collected as part of the Needs Assessment prior to writing the next Title II application.