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Superintendent's Focus Goals

The following are not only my focus goals but are characteristics and expectations that should become habit to all employees of Calhoun County Schools.  Our primary focus is “Teaching and Learning”.  These seven habits, characteristics, and expectations I believe, will make for an effective school district. 

Superintendent’s Focus Goals/Seven Habits for an Effective Calhoun County School District 2013-2014


· Intense Focus on Student Achievement: The district must continue its focus on student achievement. This focus is centered on “Teaching and Learning”. During the last two years, our student achievement has shown much improvement. We are quite pleased with the efforts of our teachers, students and staff. Our students must be thoroughly prepared for their chosen pathways after high school. The district’s priority in this area must continue to be at the forefront. It is our core business.



· Students Proficient in Literacy Skills: All students must become proficient in their literacy skills (speaking, reading, writing, and listening). Students who demonstrate proficiency in these skills during their early grades will achieve success as they matriculate through the grades. With this focus, we expect students to read by the end of their first grade year. Success here can have a tremendous impact on “Teaching and Learning”.



· High-Performing and Dedicated Teams: A culture of high expectations must be permeated throughout the organization. Everyone must be dedicated to performing at high levels in support of “Teaching and Learning”. This expectation begins with the Superintendent, and is reinforced through the cabinet to all district employees. We must continue to recruit and retain highly qualified and talented personnel to maintain this focus.     


· Efficient and Effective Operation: This focus centers on quality. It is important that everyone in the organization provide a high quality of work that supports the “Teaching and Learning”process. Quality promotes efficiency and effectiveness. This focus must also begin with the Superintendent and be reinforced through the cabinet to all district employees. This focus must be internalized throughout the district.



· Safe Learning Environment: Safety of students and employees is first and foremost. This is an expectation from all stakeholders. We must ensure that the appropriate policies and procedures are in place to protect the welfare of all who work and learn in our district. The immediate reporting of any unsafe act is the expectation for anyone who witness or suspect violations of safety. This focus is critical to “Teaching and Learning”.



· Sustained Community Engagement: This focus is critical in that our school district must have the involvement, support, and engagement of community stakeholders to be successful. It is imperative that we reach out, keeping the community informed as equal partners in our “Teaching and Learning Focus”.



· Professionalism and Customer Service: This focus centers on relationships with each other and our customers, as professionals. Students, parents/guardians, and other stakeholders are customers. We must internalize that sense of family as an organization to aid “Teaching and Learning”.
Dr. Steve A. Wilson