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Dear Parents,


Next school term (2018-2019), Calhoun County Public Schools will extend the first, second, and third Tuesday to a full day schedule to provide our students with Academic Remediation and Enrichment. Academic Remediation and Enrichment will engage students in understanding standards not met during the regular class time, assist with homework, and preparation for tests. Students on target will be challenged to meet new expectations that will increase their success. This time is designed to stretch and challenge all learners to reach their full potential. Outlined below are the Early Release Tuesdays for students. Please adhere to the dates below.



Dr. Steve A. Wilson, Superintendent


Early Release Tuesday (ERT) Dates

Calhoun County High School

ERT is 2:45 PM

St. Matthews K-8 School is 2:15 PM

Sandy Run School is 2:15 PM

August 21, 2018


August 28, 2018


September 25, 2018


October 23, 2018


October 30, 2018


November 27, 2018


January 29, 2019


February 26, 2019


March 26, 2019


April 30, 2019


May 28, 2019















Dr. Steve Wilson,




 Calhoun County School District continues its focus on "Teaching and Learning".  Our mission is to empower all students to compete and succeed in an ever-changing global society. We encourage excellence from students as our teachers are dedicated to providing them with quality instruction and experiences.  Our students are given an array of opportunities to participate in clubs, athletics, science fairs, Montessori Instruction, STEM Initiatives, field trips and other opportunities designed to enhance their learning process.

We are proud to be in the third year of our 1:1 chrome book initiative.  Each of our students in grades K-12 are now equipped with a digital device.  This has tremendously enhanced the classroom experience which has been quite a success.  Our teachers have also been equipped with much of the technology and are involved in professional development designed to promote teaching strategies using the technology.  We use early release on Tuesdays for the entire instructional staff to engage in professional development on best practices through Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).

Our students are enrolled in career courses, Army JROTC, Teacher Cadets and many students enrolled in dual credit courses through Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College.  We are continuing to participate in a Gear-Up Grant that is providing our current tenth graders enrichment activities for the colleges of their choice.

As a School district we are fortunate to have involved parents, concerned citizens and many business partners and a supportive school board.  The district has earned excellent ratings along with gold and silver awards in the past.  Our dropout rate continues to be less than 2% and our graduation rate is approximately 90%.  One of our goals is to improve our communication with all stakeholders. We encourage you to visit any of the district schools and their websites.  Our aim is to serve.  Thank you for visiting with us.


Dr. S.A. Wilson



 District Core Values

  • Accountability
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Commitment 
  • Achievement


District Mission

The mission of Calhoun County Public Schools is to empower all students to compete and succeed in an ever-changing global society.


District Vision

Our vision is to be the premier, competitive school district recognized globally for embracing the needs of each student.







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