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Grade Policy
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Policy IKA Grading/Assessment Systems

Issued 3/17

Purpose: To establish the board's vision for grading and assessment of student academic progress.

Students respond more positively to the opportunity for success than to the threat of failure. The district seeks, therefore, through learner objectives and its instructional program, to make achievement both recognizable and possible for students. The district should emphasize achievement in its process of evaluating student performance.

Regularly issued report cards, combined with scheduled parent-teacher conferences, serve to promote a process of continuous evaluation of student performance. This process informs students and their parent/legal guardian and provides a basis for bringing about change in student performance if such change seems necessary.

Statewide Uniform Grading Scale

The school will follow the statewide uniform grading scale as approved by the State Board of Education. This uniform grading scale and the system for calculating grade point averages (GPAs) and class rank will apply to all courses carrying Carnegie units, including units earned at the middle/junior high school level.

The uniform grading scale is as follows:

A      90 - 100

B      80 - 89

C      70 - 79

D      60 - 69

F      59 and below

All report cards and transcripts will use numerical grades for courses carrying Carnegie units.


Adopted 2/6/78; Revised 11/6/78, 9/16/96, 2/07, 3/20/17

Legal references:

S.C. Code, 1976, as amended:

Section 59-5-68 - Uniform grading scale.

Section 59-18-310(B) - Development or adoption of statewide assessment program to measure student performance.

Section 59-18-320 - Review of field test; general administration of test; accommodations for students with disabilities; adoption of new standards.

State Board of Education Regulations:

R43-234 - Defined program, grades 9-12.

R43-262 - Assessment program.

R43-274 - Student attendance.


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